D&D Thirty-Day Challenge, Part 3

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Day 21 – Favourite Dragon Colour/Type

I guess that I am most interested in the Silver Dragons. They spend most of their lives in human or elven form, which makes them great NPCs. They are also not overly aggressive in combating evil in the world, but instead just protect those elves and humans that they are living among – unless asked for help. It’s good when your powerful NPCs don’t automatically try to solve all of the parties problems for them.

Day 22 – Favourite Monster Overall

I would have to say dragons in general. Because I tend to run and play in low level campaigns, dragons make very seldom make appearances in the game. I would love to run a draco-centric game some time, where dragons are a key part of the player’s world. Whether this is like Dragons of Pern, where the player characters are dragon riders waging war against an unforgiving enemy, or the PCs themselves are dragons, I think it would be a lot of fun. It’s difficult keeping suitable conflicts for such powerful characters, but someday it will happen.

Day 23 – Least Favourite Monster Overall

I would like to say that I don’t like Skeletons, because they visually don’t make sense to me, and their implementation in D&D is so different than in most fiction and movies. However, I do use skeletons in D&D, so they can’t be my least favourite. I flipped through the 3.5 Monster Manual, and the only thing that jumped out at me was the Tarrasque. I’ve never used a Tarrasque or encountered one in a game. To me, they are intended to be a nearly unstoppable threat, but their form is uninteresting. If I were going to put something in the game that was such a legendary creature, I would call it a god, or a rare dragon, or anything else that evoked… something… in the players minds, other than “hmm, that’s going to be a tough fight”. Any the abilities are just so dickish, like they were designed by a petulant teenager DM whose players were walking through all the other uninteresting threats that they encountered.

Day 24 – Favourite Energy Type

Acid. Horrific, painful, with creeping residual effects, acid has a great character. Be it the uber-acid of the Xenomorphs in the Alien movies, or the idea of acid raining from the sky, acid is so visceral and threatening.

Day 25 – Favourite Magic Item

I like the Quaal’s tokens. Rather than just utility type effects, they’re super evocative of magic that you could imagine as being in a fantasy novel, rather than just duplicating some D&D character effect.

Day 26 – Favourite Nonmagic Item

Spiked platemail. So cool. I’ve tried to build a character that fought with the spiked armour, hugging peeps to the pain!

Day 27 – A character you want to play in the future

I’ve wanted to play a warlock-turned paladin for a while. Chained to a past and a dark, unforgiving former master, while trying to do what’s right. It’s really a fantasy version of Ghost Rider, but it seems compelling. Another paladin variant that I’ve wanted was a paladin who has sinned, has had his powers stricken, and must atone.

Day 28 – A character you will never play ever again

This ‘challenge’ can be interpreted in a few ways. A character that I’ll never have the opportunity to play again versus a character that I would never choose to play again given the opportunity. Also, is this meant to be a character build or a specific character. I’ll choose the latter since I rarely have to chance to replay characters. I wouldn’t play Kasuma/Kakita/Daigotsu Li again as I found her to be unsatisfying. A healing focused Water Shugenja of the Kitsu school (Oriental Adventures, D&D 3.0, set in Rokugan, the setting of the Legend of the Five Rings), I had designed her to be a support character, with a rich and interesting backstory. I chafed all along at the restraints that I imposed on myself. Every step of the way, every level gained, I sought to find a way to make her effective in some way. Instead, I followed a courtier’s path. She was too lawful, torn between a desire to heal people and to be an icon of courtly behaviour.

Day 29 – What is the number you always to seem to roll on a d20


Day 30 – Best DM you’ve had

With the caveat that the best DM doesn’t necessarily mean favourite? Ha ha. I would have to say Tracey. While the character that I played (Daigotsu Li from Day 28) was unsatisfying, that was entirely my doing. She put a fantastic amount of work into plot and NPCs, and it showed in the game, and that made the game itself very moving.


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